"Let Your Light Shine"
Finding My Own Music

I have all that I lost
and I go carrying my childhood
like a favorite flower
that perfumes my hand.

Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet

The Native American cedar flute is a simple, ancient insrument used by native cultures for prayer, meditation, relaxation, and simple entertainment. If I am open, I discover the flute allows me to hear my own music, often for the first time -- and I begin to experience deeply buried feelings and knowings -- my own spiritual music -- my own true self.

The cedar flute symbolizes my goal of discovering and developing my own unique gifts. It is truly a life-changing experience, as I learn and come to intimately know who I really am.

All music, from the heart, is beautiful music.

Apache Song

You have started out on the good earth;
You have started out with good moccasins;
With moccasin strings of the rainbow,
you have started out;
With moccasin strings of the sun's rays,
you have started out;
In the midst of plenty you have started out.

Do you have a dream?
Maybe it's time to pay attention to it.
It is a new day -- a new beginning.
We look forward to sharing our experience, strength, and hope
in musical expression and spiritual awakening.

Terry McKinley

Baldwin, Wisconsin
Pianist and Cedar Flute Player